"The Luxury Icon"

1979 Mercedes-Benz 230GE


Recently imported from NL. Had the electrical system ran-through to ensure that all lights function as intended. Turn signals/reverse/brake/head&tail lights all up to par.

Engine was also serviced with oil and new filter, all fluids checked. (Small oil pan leak from the seal.. couple drops every couple of days)

Aftermarket A/C conversion installed by my friends in NL. Keeps the wife and kids happy. Have yet to install any sort of stereo, but the dash has a place ready for 2 speakers and a head-unit. (Was thinking of doing a wetsounds/JL boat audio hidden)

Odometer shows under 42k kilometers. I don’t have any paperwork to support that it is original, but the body/ chassis show signs of it being true. No accident history is apparent.

I also have rebuilt the radiator core, reusing original Mercedes top/sides/bottom. Electric aux fans installed with A/C unit. (No signs of overheating and has been used almost daily here in Miami.)

Seems like there was a minor restoration that took place closer to 10 years ago, paint and mechanical were allegedly re-done then. No signs of rust and I had the car 2 stage-paint corrected. With the paint correction, we painted the Grille/Bumpers(front+rear)/trim moldings/headlight surrounds in trim black. Detail finished off with Ceramic Coat applied on most surfaces interior and exterior.

#1639 off the production line in Graz.

4 new BFG MT KM3 tires and alignment.

1979 Mercedes-Benz 230GE